Kinematic Educare Sdn Bhd

Kinematic Educare Sdn Bhd is a professional training and development company. We aim to provide training and development opportunity for working adults and professionals. Our role is to create a platform of conventional learning (i.e. schools, colleges and universities) where professionals and working adult can have the opportunity to learn things out of their working environment and equip themselves with more skills.

We also play a major role in upgrading the human resource capability among the companies and agencies. Companies and agencies sending their employee for training and development will directly improve the working capability of their employee which will in turn creating better efficiency in their operation, increase cost effectiveness and competitiveness in the industry.

Besides, we are one of the strategic partners for IKRAM.


Our Training Course:

  • Engineering Course and Architectural Courses

Digital Construction with Building Information Modelling

  • HSE Courses
  • Account Courses

Course: Understanding Corporate Taxation and Tax Planning – 5th Sept 2016

  • Computing Software Courses
  • Other Courses