KEC Lebuh Teknik Sdn Bhd



KEC Lebuh Teknik Sdn Bhd is specialised in highway infrastructure and civil works construction, which forms a new line of professional services & incorporated in 2012.

We are managed by professional engineer qualified in Civil, Highway & Transportation Engineering with vast experience in project management, construction methodology, and engineering design.


Our Services


Road Safety Furniture

We provide construction, upgrading and maintenance services for most of the road safety furniture. We are able to provide a one stop solution to our client as well should there be any design work and authorities submission are required which distinguish us from most of the other competitor.

Following are the item that we do,

  • RC Parapet Wall/Median Divider
  • Safety Guardrail
  • Road Signage


Road Line Marking

There are 2 types of road line marking which we can provide to our client needs which are the thermoplastic marking and the thermoplastic extrusion marking (vibraline) both using normal thermoplastic paint and high performance (all weather) thermoplastic paint.

Following are the item that we do,

  • Thermoplastic Road Marking
  • Road Marking Removal
  • Road Stud & Delineator


Traffic Management

We provide traffic management service to our customer with covering the design and physical work. It is by-law that now traffic management is carry out under supervision of qualified traffic management officer.

Following are the item that we do,

  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Traffic Safety Report
  • Traffic management team
  • Emergency Respond team


Civil Works

We also provide full range of service in civil work and our engineers are capable in providing consultation services as well as any practical solution to most of the problem related to water drainage system, slope repair & maintenance, and structure maintenance.

Following are the item that we do,

  • Drainage construction & repair
  • Slope protection
  • Pavement repair