KEC 3R Sdn Bhd


3R - 1

KEC 3R Sdn Bhd is a specialized engineering and construction company that provides comprehensive services ranging from engineering inspection works, engineering solution, NDT, demolition, engineering repair, and retrofit of existing building’s structure.

3R stand for the meaning of:

  • Remove – demolition of existing structure;
  • Repair – rehabilitation and repair of damage or old structure;
  • Retrofit – modifying and adding element to existing structure.


Among the scope of work can be done by 3R are for example partial or full demolition, repairing to defects on structure during or after completion of building.


Our Services

3R - 3

  • Partial Concrete Removal/Demolition
  • Complete Structure Removal/Demolition
  • Repair & Modification Works – RC: Cracks, strengthening, cavity
  • Repair and Modification Works – Geotechnical

3R - 2

  • Water Proofing and Leakage Repair Works – Metal & RC roof
  • Water Proofing and Heat Insulation Coating – Metal & RC Roof
  • Testing and Assessment – NDT